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Neem Oil Patanjali Review and Benefits of Neem oil From Ramdev baba

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Neem Oil Patanjali Review

Neem oil has many benefits as we all know and Patanjali is the most Trusted Brand in nowadays. Now Patanjali introduces the New Neem oil.


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Neem Oil is pressed from seeds of the Neem tree and it has unique skin healing and antiviral properties.
1. Relieves redness and itching skin.
2. Lightens scars and pigmentation.
3. Soothes and moisturizes dry and cracked skin.
4. Helps fight infection, fungus, and parasites.
5. Also helps in acne, dandruff, itching, skin allergy, eczema, psoriasis, lice, cuts and wounds.


The price

of Patanjali’s Neem oil is cheap from other this is a good point in favor of neem oil.


Since it is a Patanjali product so you can use it as any home made taught by Baba Ramdev.So in Usability, and another thumbs up.


The negative point of this products is that it is not easily available online.But you can get from your local Patanjali store if this oil is available to them.

Please leave your comment if you have used this neem oil or you want to ask about this product.

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Patanjali Neem Kanti

A Neem based product is launched by patanjali and it also received well by the india customers.

Here is the details of the patanjali neem kanti bar

Patanjali Neem-Tulsi Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation.

It’s gentle cleansing action controls moisture and natural balance of skin. Neem & Tulsi kills germs , while honey and aloe moisture and rejuvenates the skin tissues, to make complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful. It also helps to prevent pimples.
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Neem Aloevera with Cucumber face pack. Clear closed pores, cools, smooths & softens skin. A unique blend of pure herbs for clear glowing skin.

Neem full of anti bacterial properties regulates excess oil secretion, clear closed pores, skin impurities enhance natural glow to your face. Cucumber a natural toner with hydrating and cooling properties, Panka removes deep impurities, cools and soothes the skin. Ghrit Kumari (aloe vera) possesses skin softening, healing and maintaining natural moisture balance.
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How to use: Apply on wet face, message gently, let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes then wash with water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.


Patanjali kanti neem is manufactured with Neem, Amla and other herbs. Excellent healthy products for the protection of body,skin and hair.

The beauty products are not only to look good but a strong medium to protect skin, making the body healthy, pure and clean. The beauty products available in the market though, give feel-good but actually they are serious threat to the body.

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