Nimbu ke fayde for skin [Top 10] Kese Use Kre Tips

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Nimbu ke fayde for skin – Lemon Benefits

Lemon has many benefits as we know. lemonmade is a great healthy drink. so today we will learn about benefits of Nimbu(Nimbu ke fayde)

How to use Lemon for Skin(Nimbu Ka Use Kese Kre?)

    • Nimbu ka fayde paane ke liye din ka shuruat nimbu se kare. Nimbu aur adrak ka ras garam paani me mila ke piye. Benefits of nimbu pani in morning yeh hai ki pet saaf hoga aur liver shaktishali rahega. Cancer se bhi aap surakshit rahenge kyonki nimbu se immunity badh jaata hai.
    • Benefits of Lemon water in hindi aage jaaniye ki is me bharpur potassium hai jo dil ko majboot banata hai aur mas peshi ke vruddhi me kaam aata hai.

  • Lemon water for weight loss in hindi bataye to yeh vish ko bahar nikal deta hai, cholesterol ko niyantran me rakhta hai aur aise charbi kam kar deta hai metabolism tej kar ke.
  • Kabz ki shikayat ho to warm water with lemon benefits in Hindi kahe to yeh stools ko dheela bana deta hai aur mal tyag me sahayak ban jaata hai.
  • Jinhe acidity hai voh khali pet gungune pani me nimbu nichod ke peeye to fayda hoga.

Let’s Read benefits of lemon for various uses

1. Dandruff treatment from Nimbu

Is it accurate to say that you are sustained up of evolving hostile to dandruff shampoos? Attempt these means to dispose of your dandruff actually. Put 5-10 drops crisp lemon squeeze in 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and back rub it into your scalp. Abandon it overnight and wash your hair next morning completely to evacuate every one of the hints of oil. If necessary, you can consolidate this cure with these viable hostile to dandruff items.

2. Nimbu for spots and acne

Lemon juice can be utilized to blur spots, the little dim spots, normally observed on the substance of individuals with reasonable skin.

The technique is as per the following

Put new lemon squeeze precisely on the spot with the assistance of toothpick during the evening.Observe how your skin responds over next 48 hours.

Wash promptly, in the event that you see painful consuming, redness, or rash, and don’t rehash.Be that as it may, on the off chance that you endure it well, rehash the above technique on more than one occasion seven days until your spots blur.

3. Lemon for elbow and knees

Have you at any point seen your grandmother rubbing lemon on their hand and feet? Yes, as opposed to the fragile skin of your face, you can straightforwardly rub the lemon on elbows, knee, hands or feet. Flush off following 5-10 minutes and pat dry. Rehash more than once every week. In any case, ensure that you don’t uncover the skin subsequent to applying lemon to the splendid sun, else, it may bring about a phototoxic response.

4. Lemon for maturing skin

The counter maturing activity of applying lemon squeeze on the skin is credited to the cell reinforcement activity of vitamin C and shedding activity of the citrus extract. Vitamin C is intense against maturing fixing and my examination uncovered that L-ascorbic corrosive, the type of vitamin C introduce in the lemon is the most strong frame. Examines demonstrate that ascorbic corrosive present in these Vitamin C serums can diminish the indications of skin maturing in 3 months.

Then again, oral admission of lemon gives vitamin C that fortifies the dividers of vessels and averts feeble purpura. It likewise decreases the danger of heart sicknesses and degenerative bone ailments by giving flavonoids. You can make a super hostile to maturing drink by including few drops of lemon juice and a half teaspoon of nectar to some green tea.

 How to use Lemon on the skin

Here I will address your questions and I will give my answers.

Q. Kya Nimbu ke Side Effect hote h skin pe? (Do lemon use on Skin has any side effects)?

Answer – yes, or no, lemon is an acid h so It can create the problem with skin in some cases.So if your skin is sensitive please do not apply lemon to your face.

How to Use for Sensitive Skin – What you can Do is First apply lemon to your hand or Neck for one or two days. if there is any side effect stop using lemon on the skin.

nimbu ke fayde for skinQ .How To Apply Lemon.

Answer  – you can cut the lemon in half and apply it to skin this is the easiest way.
Or squeeze lemon in a bowl and add a little water and use it like cream and apply on skin.

Q. I have a pimple on my face can I use lemon?

Answer.  Add water in lemon so it is diluted but after adding water you have to keep it for at least 1/2 hour. then you can remove lemon juice from your face.

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