Orchid care after flowering with orchid flower beautiful images

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Orchid care after flowering

Orchid flower is really popular in flower category because it is so beautiful. so as the very beautiful things demand we have to take good orchid care to get our beautiful flower.

Orchid care after flowering beginner’s guide

Temperature condition for orchid

The thickness of the leaf of an orchid generally indicates the climate it needs, thick fleshy leaved orchids are warm growers from the tropics, whilst orchids with thin and more elongated leaves usually like it on the cooler side.

Cool growing orchids will burn easily in full sun, and do best in a temperature range of 50 to 65 deg. The cymbidium actually enjoys being outside for the summer, but make sure it cannot be eaten by pests, or absolutely soaked in wet weather.

Where to place your orchids

Where is the best place to keep an orchid? well for warm growing Phalaenopsis, look around your house to find a nice well lit window, ideally facing east or west, and having some shade, i.e. a net curtain, as the midday sun will damage and burn the leaves, next think about the temperature, if the night time temperature in this position falls below 55 deg. The plant will suffer.

Orchid care water need

Orchids do need water, water thoroughly,  water about once every 7 days in summer, and about once every 10 days in dark cooler winters, when you should make sure the water isn’t freezing (tepid will do nicely). always water well from the top, don’t let the pot stand in water, never water at night, morning is best. this allows the plant to dry out before the cooler night time and will help stop rot setting in.

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Now let’s see some problem and how to over come them

Orchids losing bloom

Growing a solid orchid that will rebloom requires growing a solid root framework. The leaves of an orchid may look decent yet in the event that it doesn’t have a strong root framework it won’t promptly rebloom and flourish. Since Phalaenopsis are epiphytes (air plants) they would rather be clinging to a tree in a wilderness than be in a pot.

At the point when pruned, it is important that the orchid attaches have the capacity to relax. This makes the determination of a best quality orchid blend absolutely critical.

Try not to be tricked by bland orchid blends sold at tool shops. With regards to orchid blends, quality and freshness truly matter. When you see with your own eyes the distinction a new blend from the most elevated quality fixings makes contrasted with store brands you won’t ever need to backpedal to those second rate blends again.

Pruning orchids after flowering video

If you want to learn more about pruning orchids after flowering do check out the video

Orchid flower images top 5 beautiful images

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