Parsley in hindi

Parsley in Hindi and Parsley | Parsley Uses in Health Life

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Parsley in Hindi

It is less popular because in India we mostly use coriander or Dhaniya. Parsley uses in India is really less because it more growing in tropical areas. Parsley in Hindi and other meaning as mention below.

What is parsley in Hindi?

  • Parsley – अजमोद
  • Marathi – Parsley – अजमोदा (ओवा)
  • Gujarati – સુંગધી પે
  • Bengali – পার্সলে

But in India, we not hear about parsley plant because of this plant useful for cooking but provide same effects as coriander. Parsley has really useful uses as you can know.

Parsley in Hindi

Useful information of parsley

What is parsley, how to use and benefits

Parsley is a herb, which was originated in Mediterranean region. But now it is grown worldwide because of its amazing health benefits. And it can be grown whole year.

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It is widely used as a condiment, generally, its leaves and roots are used for garnish purposes.

Parsley is a great source of Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, iron, calcium, magnesium, Phosphorus, potassium etc.

Benefits of parsley 

Lowers the cancer risk

if you use parsley on the daily basis then you are having less risk of some types of cancers like skin, breast, prostate. compound myristicin and flavonoid compound apigenin present in parsley increase its anti-carcinogenic property.

Prevents osteoporosis and arthritis 

parsley is useful in maintaining your bone health because it contains minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, boron, fluoride which prevents the thinning of bones.

It increases the excretion of uric acid thus preventing deposition of uric acid in joints thereby protecting us from arthritis. So add parsley to your daily diet to get healthy bones.

Parsley in Hindi

Boosts the immune system
it is high in vitamin C, folate and niacin which is helpful in boosting our immune system. These compounds work differently on immune system thereby enhancing our disease fighting ability.

Keeps your heart healthy

having valuable high in amount antioxidants parsley keeps your heart healthy. Parsley having Vitamins, niacin and many flavonoids prevent the oxidation in CVS thus protecting your heart.

A compound homocysteine present in bloodstream damages the blood vessels giving more risk to heart, folate present in parsley neutralizes this molecule and makes your heart healthy.

Boosts the digestion

eating parsley regularly may benefit your digestive system and stimulate appetite because it contains a high amount of enzymes good for the stomach.


it is having diuretic properties thus cleanse our kidney and liver and detoxify helps in removal of many harmful compounds from the body so add parsley juice in your breakfast to get healthy kidney and liver.

Good for skin

it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K all three are best for having healthy and young skin. So eat parsley to get the glowing and beautiful skin.

Anti-inflammatory properties

rich in many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds it relieves the pain and inflammation in the body and it is also good for reducing inflammation in joints due to arthritis.

Other illness fighting ability

parsley is good for protect

ing our body from many diseases like diabetes, asthma and many types of cancers.

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How to use parsley

Parsley is generally used as a garnish material like in pasta but you can use in a variety of ways like add some parsley in tomato soup to enhance its nutritional value.

Use parsley in juice form or as in a salad. Consumption of parsley in optimum quantity will give you many health benefits.

Side-effects of Parsley

Although parsley is not having side effects if used in high quantity then it may cause some side effects like a headache, convulsions. especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding use parsley in very low quantity.

Excessive use of parsley may cause stones in bladder or kidney because it is having a high amount of oxalate. So use parsley in optimum quantity to make maximum benefits and avoid its excessive uses.

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