Parsley in Tamil – Confused With Coriander?

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Parsley in Tamil Lets Learn More

Why parsley in Tamil is so important that we have written a different blog for this topic?If you are from a native English region it is fine for you but people from the different region have difficulty in finding different between parsley and coriander.

Parsley in Tamil – வோக்கோசு (Vōkkōcu )

Coriander in Tamil – கொத்தமல்லி (Kottamalli)

parsley in tamil

let’s get started and learn about a major difference between Parsley and coriander.
    • Coriander is an annual plant.
    • Parsley is an annual plant in tropical and subtropical and is the biennial plant in the temperate region.
    • Every part of coriander is used in cooking from seed to full plant.

  • But in Parsley, only Leafs are used in cooking.
  • In comparison to parsley is more aromatic and pungent.
  • In Shape of Leafs Coriander Leafs are more rounded.
  • parsley in tamil
  • Coriander is mostly used in Asian countries and parsley is mostly used in American Countries.

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