Patanjali Honey Review Patanjali Vs Dabur Which is best?

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Patanjali Honey Review

Patanjali is considered as the purest brand nowadays and people are buying Patanjali products because of the purity of the products they claim. Other products like Dant Kanti and Neem oil are popular in India. let’s talk about Patanjali honey now.

Patanjali’s honey on the opposite of the name is accused of impure honey and complaint are coming about sugar crystal at the bottom of the jar.

Let’s Talk about Patanjali Honey

This honey is really popular nowadays because of the maker, Patanjali claims this honey to be 100% pure.

But I have heard people complaining about the sugar like paste deposited after some days. Ramdev baba said this is because the pure honey forms the sugar crystal.

The best quality honey is the one harvested from forests and the next will be from the Bee Keepers but unprocessed/unfiltered. This Honey will have all the medicinal properties intact because all the enzymes minerals vitamins and pollen will be intact.

Dabar honey is in the market with the little high price but they do not have much complain about their product.

Patanjali and Dabur Price range is different and in this case, Patanjali is the winner.
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Amazon Reviews

Patanjali honey

See the 1 Star rating on this Product this is really bad for Company like Patanjali.

Dabur Honey Amazon Review

Patanjali honey

Patanjali honey price india

  • Patanjali honey 500 gm price – 135 Rs
  • Patanjali honey 250 gm price – 70 Rs
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Dabur Honey

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