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Petha In English and Other Information About this vegetable

Petha is really popular in India as a vegetable, it has the sweet taste and used in creating sweet curry to eat with Roti. It is really popular in north India.

Petha in English – Ash Gourd or Winter Melon 

petha in english

This Vegetable is not femous because of its curry but because of the “Peth sweet”.Petha sweet is originated from mugal dinesty.

Agra is the geogrphically best to manufacture petha according to the Food marking agency.

“Agra ka Petha ” is the common name in the indian home.

Petha in english

Petha is a white pumpkin in English. It is of the same bread as the normal pumpkin but it is sweeter in taste.

Being rich in fiber, white pumpkin has a good water retention capacity. 90% of pumpkin content is water. Consuming pumpkin is, therefore, a great way to hydrate and refresh oneself.

There is much variety of petha found nowadays. You can found from basic type to the fanciest and expensive one too.

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