Complete List of Plants in India that you see In Hotels or offices

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Complete Guide to Plants in India

we see plants in India at Parks, hotel, and Malls, But we do not know  the name or about the plant that we see so here is our list of all plants that are commonly seen in India.

Famous Plant in India That you see in Garden


plants in india

The warm climate in India underpins greeneries extremely well. We can see numerous sorts of plants in India yet the commonest is oriental water plant.


plants in india

For a nation that gets the daylight consistently, sunflowers are the perfect garden plant. Sunflowers are developed from seeds as they grow effortlessly. You have to water your sunflower liberally yet not all that much. These plants have feeble stems and consequently, some of the time require bolster from stakes.


plants in india

Tropical flower

Bougainvillea is a climber plant. It develops like a hedge on top of dividers and doors. This blooming bush does not require excessively water or care. It develops dangerously fast and can soon turn wild. So you have to prune your bougainvillea frequently.

Plantain Plant

Plantain essentially implies banana plant. You would be astonished to realize that banana plants can be developed in beautifying ways as well. They spread through the stem and blossom only once in their lifetime.

Night Jasmine

Jasmine can be planted as a tree or plant. Jasmine is a particular plant. It loves backhanded daylight and direct watering.

Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus plants are exceptionally normal in India and they too have religious hugeness in Hinduism. Saplings are broadly accessible and the plant is anything but difficult to develop. This plant needs heaps of daylight and water twice every day. You have to prune it regularly to keep it in a blossoming condition.

Marigold Plant

plants in india

Marigold is additionally a blossom that is utilized as a part of pujas and religious functions. This plant too is planted as a sapling. It needs humus-rich dark soil and a lot of splendid daylight.

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