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Quora Reply – If you had a small garden,what would you plant through the year for one person

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These the Best Plant for a One Person through the Year 


It would rather depend on where your garden is. In the UK I plant Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Turnips, Leeks, Onions, Broad beans, Runner Beans, Climbing french beans, cabbage(Savoy and red), purple sprouting broccoli, calabrese broccoli, courgettes, squash, spinach, sweetcorn, lettuce and tomatoes. I grow different varieties of these vegetables which will come ready at different times of the year and to extend the season.

I have 2 variety of apples one of which is eat immediately and the other one stores well, 2 varieties of pear tree the same I cherry tree and one plum tree. I will be planting a mulberry tree this year as an experiment. I also grow black currant, red currant, white currant, Josta berries, gooseberries raspberries and strawberries, again with some different varieties to extend the seasons.

If I was seriously relying on the food to keep me rather than as a hobby, I would probably not grow strawberries because they take up a lot of room and tomatoes because their cropping is a bit uncertain for the space they take up.

I would probably tweak the amounts and grow more potatoes and roots and less of the stuff that doesn’t keep.


It completely depends on where you live and what you call a ‘small’ garden and an ‘optimal’ diet for one person. I’d start out by thinking about local greens that could make it through winter and could be followed up by other vegetables after the winter crop gave out. Maybe a Pomegranate in the corner for fruit and other fruit trees. Garlic, onions and horseradish could make it year round. Tomatoes, cucumbers and squash for summer and greens for fall and early spring. Rotate the crops year to year so that you’re not planting Broccoli or cabbage in the same rows year after year for example.

What is bonsai Tree ? – Check here


To sustain a healthy person I would want a balance of vitamins, carbohydrate/starch and protein. I would want food that can be harvested for most of the year or food that can be stored for up to a year.

I would grow:

  1. For the vitamins/carb I would want a leafy green like kale – you can get perennial varieties that will grow all through the winter and they are tasty and nutritious. You could also grow chard for a similar effect
  2. For a carbohydrate, I wouldn’t bother with potatoes as they can get a blight one year and your crop would be ruined. I would go for any winter squash – They are very productive, tasty and can last up to a year if stored correctly.
  3. Protein is a difficult one. For my climate (UK) it would have to be some kind of bean. Generally we grow broad beans here. But I find they are susceptible to pests and don’t taste nice. You can grow kidney beans and dry them, but even these don’t have much protein. You can grow Quinoa here, but it is finicky, and probably not productive enough for a small scale. For the protein I would actually get around 3 hens, which should lay an egg a day each, and this should provide enough protein.Herb garden

 what would you like to grow in garden, if you have to eat what you grow for one year comment below.

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