Rooftop garden benefits

Rooftop Garden Benefits Reasons why you should have Rooftop Garden

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These are Rooftop garden benefits

You know about garden benefits, so why Rooftop garden benefits need a special mention? Because the way land problem and city is increasing we need To cover more places with green plants. if we can make 50% of our City rooftop green them we can solve half the Air pollution problems.

Breeze Air provider

In this fast and crowded life of the city, you want some place where you can take deep breaths. If you have a green rooftop you can have access to fresh air and lovely atmosphere. The good air purifier will cost you 10,000 Rs but in that price, you can have oxygen plant working on your roof.

rooftop garden benefits

Value for money

Like M.S. Dhoni’s Match, a green roof can provide you value for money for your investment. One green roof of 20*50 can provide you a large amount of herb and vegetables. 

Rooftop garden benefits

The amount you save from roof garden can vary from space to space and the condition. If you are from a cold place you can grow some fruits like apple or oranges. But if you are from the hot place like Rajasthan you can try some frequently used plants like carrots or lemon.

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Great Hobby to Use your Time

working in your garden is a great feeling for gardener lover. you can get your kids or elders into gardening.Gardening is considered as best and productive habit. 

Rooftop garden benefits

You know in old Indian home there is always a place for gardening and even now they have Tulsi plant.

Best Kids Activity

 Nowadays there is very few activity you can do with your kids at home, So your kids have only one option to watch TV or Mobile. 

Rooftop garden benefits

But you can take your kids to your small garden and can teach them about how you can see the growth of the tree. They will feel close to the tree that you grow in your garden because that tree grows with Them.

I personally had a close tree that grows as I grow and I feel really nostalgic.

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Best place to make you Relax and Calm

Imagine early summer morning time is around 5-6 am you are seated in your garden with a cup of tea and the fresh smell of the plants make you really calm. 

Rooftop garden benefits

The morning Air and the plant make a perfect morning and will help you to get the perfect start of the day. Anyone having their morning tea in a garden? comment below 

These are the rooftop garden benefits, so now you decide do you need rooftop garden or you let your kids get this air.

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