50 Rooftop Garden Ideas To Try in Rooftop Garden

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These are the Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

Long ago we have selected 30 best garden containers for you now we have collected 50 best rooftop garden ideas you can try with your home to get best out your garden.

Take safety measures- install fences and miniature shelters in order to protect the plants from falling objects ( if you are surrounded by taller buildings for example).

Start researching the type of plants you can grow and talk to a specialist about maintenance. Installing sprinklers is a great idea, especially during summer.

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Quick Tips

  • In the event that you have an expensive housetop or have an awful view from that point or on the off chance that you need to get a genuine garden like feel do minimal high vegetation around the dividers to augment greenery and limit yourself from whatever remains of the city. Developing bamboos and grasses is a decent mix in the event that you need to make it low upkeep, generally, your alternatives are boundless, develop bushes and trees.
  • Roofs are constantly exposed to the Aussie sun and crisp wind so chooses plants that can adapt to your climate and location.

  • Succulents, grasses and coastal species are highly recommended because they can cope with shallow soil, heat and dry conditions.

  • Aloe x Spino sis sima, also known as the Spider Aloe, is a rosette of enrolled succulent leaves, sprouting a spike of tubular orange-red flowers to add a touch of color to the garden.

Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Decoration

These are some of the design you can try for your Rooftop garden if you want to make your rooftop garden a calm place to relax. you can add furniture Like the chair, table and a small grill for a party.

Choose Right Furniture

Choose furniture with the style that represents you and your garden.

Make Raised Bed in Garden

Make a place to enjoy with friends and family

The grass can be used to cover your Roof

Make beautiful lighting in your Rooftop garden

rooftop garden ideas

For big rooftop make it green with grass

rooftop garden ideas

Use all vertical space too

rooftop garden ideas


Rooftop Vegetable Garden Ideas

If you wanna grow vegetable in your Rooftop garden? here are some of the best Design for Rooftop vegetable garden Ideas.you can Learn from the Design and See how it can make your garden more useful.

You Spend thousands of dollars in indoor decoration why not spend hundreds or less dollar and make your life green and beautiful.

Be creative with choosing containers

rooftop vegetable garden ideas rooftop vegetable garden ideas

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I Know you like to have these awesome Rooftop garden in your Home? which one you like the most please comment below.


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