Safeda Mango – A Gem in Mango variety

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Safeda Mango

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Safeda Mango is juicy and mouthwatering with greatest of tastes. The Fresh Safeda Mango has become a delicacy and a hot favorite for clients in India and abroad alike.

Season to Grow Safeda Mango – April to June

Safeda Mango Origin

This is of the earliest varieties of mangoes to hit the market. Originally from, Andhra Pradesh has found widespread acceptance across the country. The skin has a lovely bright yellow hue and the taste is slightly sour. These mangoes are quite fibreless.

Safeda Mango Pictures

safeda mango


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Types of mangoes in Kerala

Mallika – It is a cross between Neelam and Dashehari. Fruits are medium sized cadmium colored with good quality, reported to be a regular bearer.

Amrapali – It is a cross between Dashehari and Neelam. It is a dwarf vigorous type with regular and late bearing variety. It yields on an average 16 t/ha and about 1600 plants can be accommodated in one hectare.

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Mangeera: It is a cross between Rumani and Neelam. It is a semi-vigorous type with a regular bearing habit. Fruits are medium sized with light yellow coloured skin, firm and fibreless flesh and sweet to taste.

Ratna: It is a cross between Neelam and Alphonso. It is a regular bearer and free of spongy tissue. Fruits are medium sized with excellent quality. Flesh is firm and fibreless, deep orange in colour with high TSS (19-21 Brix).

Arka Aruna: It is a hybrid between Banganapalli and Alphonso with regular bearing habit and dwarf in stature. About 400 plants can be accommodated per hectare. Fruits are large sized (500-700 gm) with attractive skin color. The pulp is fibreless, sweet to taste (20-22 Brix). Pulp percentage is 73 and the fruits are free from spongy tissue.

Arka Puneet: It is a regular and prolific bearing hybrid of the cross between Alphonso and the Banganapalli. Fruits are medium sized (220-250 gm) with attractive skin color, having the red blush. The pulp is free from fiber, pulp percentage being 70 percent. Fruits are sweet to taste (20-22 Brix) with good keeping quality and free from spongy tissue. It is a good variety for processing also.

Arka Anmol: It is a semi-vigorous plant type from the cross between Alphonso and Janardhan Pasand. It is also a regular bearing and free from spongy tissues. Fruits ripen to uniform yellow color. Keeping the quality of the fruit is very good and it is suitable for export. It has got excellent sugar and acid blend and fruits weigh on an average about 300 g Pulp is orange in color.

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