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very small garden Ideas and interview with Cruz Newman

The tiny garden is an art and Cruz Newman is doing good in this Art called a tiny garden.she uses an old glass ball and converted that into a beautiful very small garden. you can also create these type of small garden for yourself so let’s talk to Cruz Newman.

Very small garden ideas

Tell us more about you, Cruz your Instagram page it amazing.

I am from Venezuela, studied industrial design,  love nature, sports, food, traveling, and well-being.

Tell me more about your love for plants and gardening.

2. I like nature since I was little, and used to help my mom to take care of our plants, I grow to love gardening thanks to her I think.

Do you like rooftop gardening idea?

3.I love your idea and think everybody should have gardens where ever they have the space to have it.

If you have to grow every food that you use for yourself for your entire life what type of plants you will grow??

4. Depending on what part of the world I  am living in I would grow All possible veggies, roots  and fruits mainly (that is a rough  question)

Now tell us about the beautiful small garden that you have created.

Tiny garden

5.I had this pretty glass bubbles at home from my wedding and decided to create little gardens inside them, to hang them on my back porch. So what I did was to go to the woods and collect some moss with native wild plants, Littles rocks, and soil, all from the same area. I  bought some succulents to be the center of attention of the gardens. went home and put all together, first the little rocks on the bottom then the soil and plants. Went finished I watered them and hang them. I love them and appreciate them every day!

What is the best garden you ever visited?

6. Wow, it is hard to tell! I have visited botanical gardens in different countries to me they are all beautiful! I loved the one in London. I don’t know if it is valid to mention a botanical garden as a favorite garden… I love Japanese gardens too! The one is Portland is awesome!

Please, can you share a complete guide about how to make a tiny garden?

Guide to making a mini  garden: (my way)

All you need is

  • A glass container
  • Little rocks
  • Soil and plants

Step one: make sure your container is clean
Step two: place a layer of little rock in he bottom
Step three: add a layer of soil
Step four: Plant your plants adding more soil if necessary
Step five: add accessories if you want, like more rocks, little figures, etc.

Step six: Water it, I use a spray bottle for that purpose.

That is it, depending on the kinds of plants, the humidity and the heat are the watering frequency.
I have mine outside with an indirect light and as they has moss and it is getting warm here I need to water them every day.

Check out the complete Picture gallery.

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