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Terrace garden design

we are connected to gardening from a long time as our god and goddess used to have a beautiful garden in their home and places. But now due to property rates are so high even God can not have a garden in the Expensive location in Delhi. But God gives show us a way to make Terrace Garden in our home so we can Have Beautiful Terrace Garden. In this Blog, I will Show you some of the best Terrace Garden Design that is practical in India.

So Lets Start

Top 21 Terrace Garden Design you want to try at your Terrace

Here is the best terrace garden design you can try in your home. I will explain why I choose these design and small detail about the design I hope you like my design collection. if you do not like or like a design please answer me in the comment box.

1 Create a Central Fountain On your Terrace garden It can Be used for Party hall and Main Attraction of your home.

But Most Indian homes suffer from leakage from the rooftop or terrace so i would say use Plastic To protect water from entering in the terrace.

If you are a Small family or retired you should consider two chairs and table arrangement and all the small plant near this arrangement will make a beautiful place for your morning coffee.

Do use Chair that is rain and Dust proof or else you can not enjoy the roof you can not even take care of clear chairs.

This design is Bit expensive one, it can be used for terrace garden or for the front lawn also.

This design is for a hardcore gardening fan, if you have many plants in your garden or terrace you can arrange them in the gardening bed category wise so your guest can see and understand the plants.

If you own a Terrace Garden Cafe or a restaurant you can try this design.




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