15 Terrace Gardening Ideas & Pictures | Rooftop Garden Design

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Terrace gardening ideas and Pictures

 These 15 terrace gardening ideas will help you in order to achive a beautiful rooftop garden. Try these rooftop gardening ideas and write your experience in Comment section.

Rooftop garden Ideas and Designs

These ideas are not in any Particular order. I hope you enjoy these 15 Terrace garden ideas to make your terrace garden beautiful.

1. Start With the Floor

Terrace Gardening Ideas Terrace Gardening Ideas

Most gardeners ignore the flooring when design terrace garden. Floor work is an important part of designing as other.

When Choosing your floor make sure it works with your city climate. The floor must accommodate with terrace garden theme.

2. Make space for Raised Bed

Terrace Gardening Ideas

While designing make sure you put space for raised beds. Raised beds look beautiful and you can grow tall shrubs and small trees and with the regular maintenance.

Before making raised bed make sure you have the strong terrace to support the extra weight.

3. Beautiful lighting

Terrace Gardening Ideas

Garden Lighting is important if you want to enjoy your garden in the night. Make sure you have a good light near staircase and Door.

You can add LED and decoration light to make your terrace garden a WOW garden.

4. Do not have Closed Garden

Terrace Gardening Ideas

We love to garden because it has fresh air and the open space garden provides. We like to live in open spaces.

Make sure you have open space in your garden. Make sure more lights falls on the garden.

5. Climate preparation

Test the quality of products and furniture you are using in your terrace garden. Choose products according to the climate if you live in hot place make sure you have some covering to the garden.

6. Buy furniture

You have to select the furniture that can be placed on the open rooftop. Choose strong and durable furniture so you can use it for a long time.

Furniture has to be rust and dust free.

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7. Showstopper

 If you like to have the party and entertain your friend in your rooftop garden. you must add some Beautiful focal point to your garden.

A focal point catches eyes of the visitors.

8. Color Selection

Color selection is so important it can make your rooftop garden beautiful with less budget.

Use colors that looks beautiful with green plants. Use not more them 3 colors for the garden.

9. Vertical Space is Important

Vertical Space is important if you have a small rooftop garden. you can Use vertical pots to small plants in your vertical wall.

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10. Plant with care

While selecting plants for your rooftop garden make sure you select plants carefully.

Remember the plants will be on the rooftop and with less protection because of the rooftop excess.

11. Plants Types

There are many beautiful plants that you can select to put in your garden. Just make sure you choose the plants that do not spread in soil because you have limited space to grow.

12. Fire Place

The fireplace is really important if you are in cold state. you want to enjoy more in your terrace garden you need a fireplace to survive.

13. Tall Tree

If your terrace can support a fully grown tree then must have one or two trees at rooftop garden.

14. Container Selection

You must choose strong Concrete containers for rooftop gardening. Because of the sun heat of the afternoon, your plastic containers can easily be the break.

15. Give Time to Terrace Garden

Your Garden needs you. With your time you can come up with more amazing ideas. Every garden is unique.



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