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Terrace vegetable garden will give you organic food and Can give you nice earning

A healthy terrace garden can give us not only organic pure food but also great opportunity to earn from the terrace garden.

I can say that even if you are from any part of the world you have a problem with the prize and the purity of the vegetables. I am from Delhi and I suffer from the problem of impure and high costly vegetables.

As me basically from a Village living in a pure environment, I always wanna have a garden in Delhi too but due to space problem, I was stuck. but now Terrace vegetable gardening gives us a chance to have pure organic vegetables.

terrace vegetable garden

How to start a terrace garden that can give us money and food?

Can I make money from my terrace garden? yes, you can mate. Because there is a Demand there must be supply too. As all of us, other people are facing the problem of impure vegetables and high prize.

I will say start a terrace garden with small plants and when you have the confidence to growing demanding vegetables, start selling them to friends and slowly you will have a nice business.

Example of a Proud terrace garden owner

Meet what Jyotika did in 36 Vayadhinile, wanted a terrace veggie garden of your own? It’s a good idea, actually, to grow everyday spices and herbs, so that you have them at hand — fresh — whenever needed.

Even Delhi is getting on right track with his record number of the rooftop garden.

Step By Step Guide to Terrace Garden

Pick the correct space

Go to the porch, investigate. Judge the play of the sun for the duration of the day. And after that, select a place that is shady, yet in the meantime, gets immediate daylight for some piece of the day. You’ve to guarantee that the plants get no less than five hours of daylight day by day. In any case, the personality you, herbs are fragile leaves, so be cautious that the daylight is not all that solid that the leaves get burned by the warmth.

Set up the Soil

Get some Soil and characteristic excrement from any nursery, and blend it well with the peats. In the event that you need to keep it natural, include cow compost or goat excrement fertilizer to the blend. Leave this blend aside for a couple days. Then, when you peel veggies, and so forth, don’t discard the skin. Rather, make your own manure with these vegetable skins and waste veggies in another pot in the patio, and add them to this blend. After about seven days, this blend is prepared for the estate. Get the seeds of whatever you need to develop (tomatoes, chilies, coriander, basil, and herbs are great decisions). Sprinkle a couple seeds over the blend, marginally spot them in with your hand, and abandon it be for two or three days. Watch them develop.

Watering is the key factor
Water the plants regularly, as and when needed. Excess water often causes damage and decay to plant roots, and it also washes away the nutrients of the soil. Also, post every heavy rainfall, remember to add manure to the soil.

Easy Huh???

Yes it is more Easy then you think But for more Details go to Rooftop Category that will have all the Details you need to know to be PRO in Terrace gardening.

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