Turai in English – Tori Vegetable Meaning and other Hard Vegetable Names

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Turai in English

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Turai or Tori is Really famous Vegetable in India. Tori is Seasonal vegetable But nowadays Because of Inorganic fertilizers and Morden Seeds, you can Get It any Time.

Turai Are Of Two Types

1.Turai In English – Ridged gourd – तुरई

2.Tori Vegetable  – Gourd – Ridged

Turai is Also Called Snake Gourd

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snake gourd

This is Also Called Turai in India

No, They are Not Different Both Vegetable is Same. Ridged Gourd is the English Name of Torai or Tori तुरई.

Understand Why Turai Is called Ridged gourd In English

Gourd – Is the Root Word For Vegetables Like Turai, Loki (Lauki) Etc.

  • Karela Meaning in English – Bitter Gourd
  • Loki Meaning In English – Bottle Gourd

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