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Types of Lemons – Identify Lemon Varieties

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Types of Lemons

Lemons are really useful for daily use and for lemons are also good for business. But you need to know what are the types of lemons on the market.

These are the following types of lemons

1. Sweet variety
If you’re still not sure, slice open the lemon and sample its juice. If the juice has a sweet taste, then the lemon is probably a sweet variety, like a Limetta or Meyer. Both of these types are actually hybrids.
2.Seedless variety
Lisbon lemons are seedless, while Eureka’s have seeds.

3. Colour Variety
 If the lemon’s skin has an orange cast, then it is a Meyer Lemon. However, if it is bright yellow you will need to examine other aspects to determine what type of lemon you have.
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4. Texture variety
f the skin is very thick and pitted, with tiny holes in it, then you are likely dealing with a Eureka lemon. These lemons are very juicy and grown in large quantities for commercial use.

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