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Vertical Garden India [Complete Guide] – Tools and Much More

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Vertical Garden India Tools Tips and Much more

It’s no secret that India is one of the most crowded countries in the world, and when it comes to gardening our biggest problem is one of space. Like buildings in Japan, we have found that gardening “up,” or vertical gardening, is one of the most effective ways to save space while also keeping our country green.

This method of gardening involves stacking pots in an inclined manner and is best suited for plants that don’t mind being rootbound.

Vertical Gardening in India – A Bit of Background

Bangalore was the first city in India to start vertically gardening on a large scale. Here, plants can be seen growing from metro pillars, adding a sense of beauty to the concrete previously covered with posters. Eventually, many of the highways will be decorated with plants which will function not only aesthetically but also to absorb emissions from the cars driving near them.
According to SayTrees on Facebook, over 3,500 saplings of 10 different species have already been planted in the gardens. The gardens are fed automatically and organically via an automated drip irrigation system.

Sapling growth is maintained and monitored by the organization’s volunteers and they hope to one day increase the aesthetic value of the 9-kilometer area by installing these gardens on every metro pillar.

Steps to Grow Your Own Vertical Garden

1. Find a wall with adequate light.

Any wall is good, but it’s always better if you choose one that gets more natural light, even if indirect. If finding a wall with adequate light is a problem, one solution is to get creative! Makeshift “walls” can be made for very little using PVC frames drilled with holes for hanging or mounting plants.

These makeshift walls can be equipped with wheels to enable movement from window to window (for best light between seasons) or even indoors to outdoors.
If you’re in an apartment, consider using a balcony if you’re on an upper floor, or even ask your upstairs neighbors if they mind having something hanging from their balcony. In many cases, people don’t mind the addition of a natural touch to the building.

2. Prepare your wall with three cheap layers.

A wall itself isn’t going to cut it! However, all you need to get started are three layers: a frame, a plastic sheet, and some porous gardening fabric (All of which can be picked up at the local home goods store). The frame will allow you to hang or stack plants from holes or rungs. Again, we suggest using PVC as it is cheap and easy to assemble into any size frame.

The plastic provides protection between your actual wall and the water used to irrigate the garden. This may also extend downwards to catch any excess water and prevent leaking if gardening indoors. The fabric functions as a medium for the roots to grab ahold of, since this method is soil-less.

3. Choose your plants.

The location of the wall will determine the kind of plants you will want to plant there. Nupur from SayTrees tells us: “For indoors, we use plants that grow in shade, and for outdoors, we use sun-loving varieties. Again, for balconies, we use semi-shaded plants.

Vertical gardens even work as an attractive room divider. In offices, where we get indirect light, we use sturdy indoor plants.” If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the local nursery for recommendations – they are there to help with these kinds of projects!


4. Decide how you would like to water your plants.vertical garden india

If you’re really tech savvy, you can install a drip irrigation system like the one SayTrees uses in Bangalore to automate plant growth.

All you need to do at that point is turn on the tap and walk away. Otherwise, you can use a hose for outdoor walls and a mister or watering can for indoor walls.

One thing to note: Because this method does not require a medium or soil, it is important to substitute the natural minerals a plant would be getting from the soil with a water-soluble fertilizer that is appropriate for the types of plants you have growing. The walls can be adapted with soil, however, it may prove to be more of a hassle, especially if you are trying this method indoors.


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Vertical gardening tools and Pots online India

These are the best tools you can get online for your first vertical gardening project.vertical garden

Buy 64 Pots for vertical gardening 

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Why Buy this – Retro and hotels to get the fresh look or to make the simple wall an attraction point.

Planters Vertical Garden Green Panels ( 3 frames + 9 pots )

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Vertical Garden Planters in India

Image result for vertical garden images

These are the best vertical planters in Pune Delhi and Mumbai
  • Studio Machaan – studio Machaan does awesome work of bringing Gardening with modern Decoration. They offer a one-stop solution in terms of terrace garden needs – conceptualization, designing and execution of Terrace Gardens
  • Sanjay Nursery – Number one in the vertical garden category, Sanjay gardening has a lot to offer for you guys.
  • Chhajed garden – This company provides the vertical garden solution for Pune, Delhi, and other Major City too.
  • Green Wall – New To This category but growing at good can Checkout this option before start working on your vertical gardening.
  • Natura India – If you want to know some Data about vertical gardening in PDF.


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