Where do almond Trees Grow {Top 3 Country}

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Where Do Almond Trees Grow?

This is the common question and it is asked a lot may be because of the advertisement of the California almonds. But do you know there more other places where good almonds grow?

So let’s see where do almond trees grow.
1. First Of course California

One of California’s top ambassadors often comes lightly salted and travels in a vacuum-sealed can. Eat an almond anywhere in the world and chances are that it was grown in the Golden State.

California produces 82% of the globe’s almonds, harvesting about 800,000 acres of the tree nut across a 400-mile stretch from northern Tehama County to southern Kern County.

Fueling the boom is robust foreign demand, particularly from emerging consumer markets like China and India, where the industry has been promoting almonds as a healthful snack.Image result for almond trees growing zones

2. Spain is the second biggest producer of Almonds

Spain is far behind the USA in almond production but it faces the big jump in almonds production about 5 percentage.

According to preliminary estimates of the 2015/16 harvest, the almond production will grow by 5% compared to the previous season and will be 14% higher than the average of the past five years, reaching a total of 51,643 tonnes.

3. Austraila

The nation’s production is expected to reach 85,000 tonnes next year, and with thousands of new trees being planted the industry’s peak body expects the record will not stand for long.

Image result for almond trees growing zones

The Almond Board of Australia said with the number of new orchards coming into production the national yield should be around 135,000 tonnes by 2025.


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