Why terrace gardening is good? A debate with Sneha sengupta

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Why is terrace gardening good? a debate with Sneha Sengupta the lawyer

About Sneha Sengupta – Yes She Is Going To Be lawyer soon and this Debate is Little scary for me to reply the questions from the lawyer. She is Brain with the Beauty. you will see when you check her profile into Instagram @ms_sengupta. She is loved and followed by more than 30,000 Instagram followers. But She is Not into gardening so let’s we unite and try to convince her for gardening.

Advantage of fertilizers

Sneha –  What do you think why people should start gardening?

Most of the people start gardening as the hobby and hobby have no reason to start. But for some of us may not want gardening as a hobby but can use gardening for many purposes.

In Detail,  I will Give you these Reasons about why to start Gardening.

” Earth Gave Us everything and we did our best to use earth for our profit a garden is small return gift to mother earth”

Sneha –  Gardening takes a lot of time and requires patience. But not all of us are patient enough to wait for the results.

When we millennials Like us Living in fast life style, we can have anything that we want in just one or two. But in life happiness, money and respect take patient so gardening is the best tool to teach Kids and our self about the patient.

Numerous studies have shown that garden-based education improves academic performance and may lead to higher test scores (especially in the areas of math and science) with overall improvement on standardized achievement tests and improved positive attitudes toward learning.* Also, teaching children to garden gives them immeasurable life skills of independence and sustainability while encouraging them to eat more vegetables as well. The daily activity in the garden can become an excellent family time that is a communal project to encourage team building and independent skills.

Sneha – It requires a lot of money, like we can buy other things, then why waste on buying pesticides etc.

The cost of food, especially organic produce is going up. A garden allows for fresh and great tasting organically grown food that is a pittance of the price you’d pay at the grocery store (one seed is between 3-10 cents). If you plan well, you can have food for not only the summer and early fall months, but also throughout the winter months. Make sure you investigate canning and jarring to lock in those goodies: once you get the hang of it, it is relatively easy (just a little time consuming up front). Also, beets, apples, onions, and squash are easily stored in cool dark places for winter use.

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Sneha – Sometimes the results come with a bonus which is crawlies, and none likes picking those. Then what about gardening seems so pleasing?

Even Cooking Produce such a mess in the kitchen but still, we try many different dishes because it gives us satisfaction.The result that produces healthy plants and beautiful flower feels Amazing.

Setting your mind to embark upon a task with obvious and edible results can have a huge effect on self-satisfaction and feelings of personal growth (no pun intended). Like cooking, where you see the fruits of your labor, gardening produces tangible evidence of your investment in time and energy.

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Sneha -You have to take care of the place, height, color, texture and so on. And also you need to cut and maintain them and water them properly. It takes a lot of time for busy people like us.

Gardening provides an outlet for your own personal time. It is not an arbitrary place or date (like: “I should go to the gym sometime”); it is real and in your face. Take the time for yourself to decompress and have a place to go to just let thoughts flow and your mind wander. If the butterflies can do that, so can YOU!

Sneha – Sometimes because of natural calamities, all our hard work goes off like POOF.

Yes, I agree with your point that we have to take care of many things but in return, you can see what you get Good Physical and Mental

Creating and nurturing your own garden will not only improve your mental health, it can improve your physical health as well. You will now be able to know exactly what it is that you are putting in your body, without all the added chemicals and genetic modifications.

The work of planting, caring for, and harvesting your garden also provides your body with exercise that can be fun and motivating. You may even lose a few pounds as a result of the better food and more activity.

Sneha -You literally have to keep a strict record of weather cause you never know when your plants may experience a panic attack.

Yes, Outdoor Gardening can have these problems So you can Try Indoor gardening. In Indoor gardening the Plants need Less Light and Less water. Most of the Indoor plant need water Once a week. there are Many Shade Loving plant that can be grown inside your bedroom or even inside your bathroom so you can have clean air.(Because Some plant works as air Purifier.

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Gardening does not have to become a second full-time job. Start little, and you will want to keep expanding each year as you experience all the joys of having your own garden. Even if you have limited space, you can start an indoor container garden. Or if that is still too much, then try sprouting or an herb garden to get your growing efforts going. And if you want something pretty and edible too, try some edible flowers. Resolve that you will start somewhere because there are just so many things you will be missing out on if you don’t!

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we hope you Guys Enjoy our Talk About Gardening Benefits. Please Leave Your Comment Below about what you think about Terrace gardening r Gardening in General.And if you are One of Sneha’s follower than please do share this and spread this Debate.

Thank you


  1. Impressive debate. I like how difficult the questions are and how genuinely the answers are given.

  2. I seriously think this is a good idea. My aunt in native place has her own garden as well.

    The only difference is there is a huge space available there which can be an issue in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai. The more congested the city, the bigger is the problem.

    In my home, we have grown Tulsi plant earlier.

    What i think is people living in metro cities can practice indoor gardening.

    This idea is a really big big positive if implemented by everyone in reality. More plants around us can help us build a healthy atmosphere.

    Of course, every coin has 2 sides so a positive will have a negative side.

    But i think its our job as individuals to ignore the negative side and focus only on the positive effect this can have.

    I’m all open to implement this idea starting from my own home.

    1. Author

      Yes indoor gardening and rooftop gardening both can be alternative for metro city pollution. I hope more people feel like you.

  3. I love this concept. I am myself someone who hates gardening. But the answers are really satisfying. Looks so patriotic. I can give gardening a try and to start with it. I may plant an alovera plant which might take less water than others.

  4. I definitely support the idea of gardening.
    Every beautiful outcome needs some positive efforts and labour.
    But it is worth it.
    A natural beauty inside home is much more better than any other artificial things we buy to make our place beautiful.
    Like we make over our body to look beautiful our place also deserves some of our efforts.
    A Thumps up for those who are doing it.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your support. Gardening is not so hard as it seem and results are really beautiful.

  5. That’s really a good topic to bring up a debate on. Great to see you share your thoughts on the topic ,Miss Sengupta 😊

  6. My parents have a terrace garden too ..its amazing! Loved your work!

    1. Author

      You must have great memories with your parents terrace garden ? What they grow mostly there?

  7. Well said …
    N a remarkable job sneha..A very well report presentd n very inspiring… ..

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